Sunday, October 31, 2010

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Ribbon across Nashville :)

Nashville, Tennessee... Lily

Nashville, Tennessee... Jennifer

Nashville, Tennessee... Hayden
Thank you so much to all of The Violet Ribbon holder-uppers ;)  
We love and appreciate you all!!!!!!!

With much love and gratitude,
Summer and Stuart

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Two more Ribbons!

Nashville, Tennessee... Ana

Random town in Iowa... Steve

Week ONE of Violet Ribbon Travels!!!

Old Hickory, Tennessee... Stuart (future dad :)
Grove, Oklahoma...  Buzz (future grandpa of Violet)
  Grove, Oklahoma... Robyn (future grandma of Violet)
Waterbury, Vermont... Carrie
Nashville, Tennessee... Kyle
Nashville, Tennessee... Vida
Nashville, Tennessee... Mesha
Nashville Tennessee.... Christy
Nashville, Tennessee... Tami
Nashville, Tennessee... Sandra
Nashville, Tennessee... Komila
Nashville, Tennessee... Diana and Liz
Nashville, Tennessee... Rachel
Nashville, Tennessee... Tony


Monday, October 18, 2010

The Ribbon is on the move already!!

Here are two envelopes going out in the mail today...

One ribbon is headed to Euless, Texas!
And another ribbon is on its way to Israel!
We're so excited to see the adventure begin :)

Also.. this weekend, the ribbon traveled to Iowa, Boston, and Vermont!
Photos to come this week!!!
Looking forward to those and yours as well!!! :)

Much love,
Summer and Stuart

Thursday, October 14, 2010

The Violet Ribbon Project/Experiment/Gift

This is our adoption project as we wait and wish for our sweet baby, Violet, to come home to us from Ethiopia..

So what is this and why?..

Truly we are continually amazed and honored by the number of people who genuinely care for our baby already! Asking about our process, encouraging us, supporting us, praying for us, buying coffee from our JustLoveCoffee online store, and just all around loving this baby that is yet to join our family.. 
Our hearts continue to be moved and touched beyond words.

And so this project..
I wanted to do something for our baby right now..  I would like to have something to show for this time of waiting and wishing other than frustration, lessons of patience, and acne! haha.

Thus, as a 'while we wait' project/social experiment/wonderful gift for our sweet baby, we are collecting photos of us, of you, and of anyone and everyone else who may have a place in their heart for our little Violet as she sits in an orphanage on the other side of the world.. 

We believe it will have a huge impact on her someday to see how many people were thinking and praying for her.. and who were connected to her with The Violet Ribbon

So here's the deal...

Please email a photo of you holding out a violet ribbon from one outstretched hand to the other. You don't have to be anywhere particularly interesting or jazzy, but that would be cool too :) Please also let us know the city and state the photo was taken so we can keep track of the travels of The Violet Ribbon once it leaves us in Tennessee on its way to Africa!!

In the end, we are going to crop the photos and then attach them together so that it appears that The Violet Ribbon is unending.. all the way to Ethiopia!
And when we finally meet our little Violet for the first time, we will tie The Ribbon to her wrist, connecting ourselves, connecting all of us, to her (and to each other) forever :)

How freaking adorable is that?!?! Seriously?.. 

So pleeeeeease send a photo to:
We'll post our first one ASAP! And if you go somewhere new and want to post another one, that's great too! Send them all!!

I will post photos and blog about the ribbon's adventures and other daily bits of interest as we wait and wish for our family to be complete..

With much love and gratitude,
Summer and Stuart