Monday, October 31, 2011

New Mexico turns violet again :)

Looking toward La Mosca lookout tower, Mt Taylor, New Mexico.. Violet's Great-Grandpa!

Enjoying the golden Aspen trees in the distance on Mt Taylor, New Mexico.. Violet's Great-Grandpa!

View of Mt Taylor from my grandparent's house, New Mexico...

La Ventana opening, Zuni Mountains, New Mexico.. Violet's Great-Grandpa!

Taken in my grandparent's cedar tree grove, New Mexico.. Sassy the dog :)

New Mexico.. Violet's Great-Aunt Laurie, Great-Grandma, Cousin Alyssa, and Cousin Analiese :)

Celebrating Violet's Great-Grandmother's 75th birthday in New Mexico :)

New Mexico.. Violet's adorable Great-Grandparents :)

Thanks to my awesome mom and Violet's one and only Gogi for taking such wonderful pics and capturing these sweet Violet Ribbon moments! :)

Violet Ribbon in the sky!

Somewhere in the air between Tulsa & Denver.. Katie from Big Sky, Montana (so perfect! :)

This pic was taken by my mom on her way to New Mexico for a family visit..
Katie from Big Sky was seated beside her.. my mom shared our Violet Ribbon story with her and Katie asked to be part of it :)

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Mary Poppins Ribbon!!!!!!!

Bert from Mary Poppins the Broadway Musical!! :)

Bird Lady from Mary Poppins the Broadway Musical!!

Cast members from Mary Poppins the Broadway Musical!!

Hair Team from Mary Poppins the Broadway Musical!!

Thank you to our friend, Todd, for such wonderful and special pics!!!

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

New Orleans Ribbon!

St Louis Cathedral @ Jackson Square, New Orleans, Louisiana.. Stu and Sum aka Daddy and Mommy! :)

New Orleans, Louisiana.. Sum and Stu aka Mom and Dad! :)

New Orleans, Louisiana.. Ivonne and Summer :)

Waiting for the St Charles Street Car, New Orleans, Louisiana.. Stu and Brian :)

baby BFF violet ribbon :)

Old Hickory, Tennessee.. Katie Mae!! :)
Seriously a-d-o-r-a-b-l-e!!!!!!!! :)

Our Violet!!!!!

We are over the moon to be announcing our Referral!!!!!!!!!

Yes it is true!!!!!!!
Unbelievably yes.. and wow.. and thank you, Jesus!! :)

Our sweet girl is 8 months old and perfectly beautiful!

Stu and I are over the moon in love and beyond thrilled and indescribably grateful for this miracle..

It is such a surreal moment to wait for so many years to see your child's face and then to finally see it and to know in that first instant, "Of course! This is my baby! I would recognize her anywhere!"
There are no words..

My sister even made a necklace for me with an inscription by Rumi that says, "From the beginning of my life, I have been looking for your face.."
No truer words have ever been spoken.

I have been waiting my entire life for this moment.

I am a mommy!
My heart is full :)

Monday, October 17, 2011

367 days and counting....


Yes, we passed our 1 year date on Saturday! 
So today is our 367th day of being on THE List!!
(As a brief side-note, we did find out that contrary to the conclusion that we came to regarding our DTE after receiving a confusing email from our social worker a few weeks ago, our DTE is still OCT 15, 2010.. so supposedly our thinking on time is right... so "soon"... Whatever that means..)

But after a year of seeing other families receive Referrals and then travel for court and finally travel for embassy to bring their baby home, I am soooo ready for our moment to begin!!!!! 
We're just keeping the Faith and believing that we will see our girl's sweet face soon :)

Soon, soon, sooooooooooooooon!!!

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Annnnd back to Nashville!!

Nashville, Tennessee.. Hilary!!

Violet Ribbon in NYC Fashion District!

New York City.. Leah!!
Thank you to my sweet friend and client, Leah, for thinking of our Violet while on her trip to the Big Apple! :)