Monday, December 26, 2011

Leaving tomorrow!!!!

The day has finally come!!
We fly out tomorrow to see our sweet Violet later this week and go to court next week!!!!!

I am usually full of words and thoughts and all sorts of babbling...
but I am sort of speechless right now.

In the midst of all of the happiness and joy, I am in shock over the idea that this could actually be happening. It just doesn't seem real yet..
Maybe tomorrow when we begin our 2 1/2 day journey to Ethiopia ;) haha.
Oh yeah, somewhere in the enormity of lingering over the Atlantic Ocean for hours and hours and hours, I do believe that reality will hit me!

Please keep us in your prayers for safety and protection.. and that the proper paperwork will be the judge's hands on January 3!! So that we can bring our girl home already!!!!


Monday, December 12, 2011

Court Date and the best Christmas ever!

We are officially on the roster for a January 3rd court date in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia!


The past 2 weeks have been a blur of travel arrangements, planning, purchasing, researching, praying..
I don't really know how I also managed to work... and Stu worked and went to class!
Its been craaaazy! Crazy crazy.. But a good crazy :)
A wonderful crazy actually!

What an amazing holiday season this has been for us!
First a Referral on my sister and nephew's birthday.. So we were able to celebrate with my sister and her family and then again with our great friends, Brian and Ivonne, while also celebrating Stu's 40th birthday in New Orleans.

Then, learning we were Submitted To Court while my parents were visiting for Thanksgiving.. giving us one more incredible thing to be thankful for :)

And then receiving a Court Date for January 3rd, which means that 2 days after Christmas we will be headed to Ethiopia! We will actually be with our sweet girl on New Year's Eve :)
Then the following week, after our court date, we will be in Ethiopia's holiest city, Lalibela, for Ethiopian Christmas! They celebrate with the Orthodox Calendar, like Russia, for Christmas.

The feelings overwhelming me during this time are beyond explanation.. This will be the trip of a lifetime for more reasons than I can even express.
To meet our child.. to actually finally hold her in my arms.. this baby that will finally be out of my head and heart and into my arms.. I cannot even comprehend it yet myself.. and then the New Year's and Christmas part too!
AND add to all of that, the whole 'We're Going To Africa!' part plus the Lalibela/Indiana Jones-Adventure/Eat Pray Love-holy experience....
Wow and wow and wow and holy crap!

My nerves are getting to me a bit too..
I'm trying my best not to stress out about all of the unforeseen, you're visiting a foreign land, don't drink the water, you're probably going to get raging diarrhea, possibly could get malaria, bed bugs are a reality, don't get pick-pocketed, don't know the language, ay ay ay ay ay..
I'm reminding myself to just take it all in stride..
Enjoy the ride..
and above all trust God.

This entire journey has been an adventure and a miracle.. And we're ready for more!!!! :)

Ethiopia, here we come!!!