Monday, December 26, 2011

Leaving tomorrow!!!!

The day has finally come!!
We fly out tomorrow to see our sweet Violet later this week and go to court next week!!!!!

I am usually full of words and thoughts and all sorts of babbling...
but I am sort of speechless right now.

In the midst of all of the happiness and joy, I am in shock over the idea that this could actually be happening. It just doesn't seem real yet..
Maybe tomorrow when we begin our 2 1/2 day journey to Ethiopia ;) haha.
Oh yeah, somewhere in the enormity of lingering over the Atlantic Ocean for hours and hours and hours, I do believe that reality will hit me!

Please keep us in your prayers for safety and protection.. and that the proper paperwork will be the judge's hands on January 3!! So that we can bring our girl home already!!!!


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