Monday, October 31, 2011

New Mexico turns violet again :)

Looking toward La Mosca lookout tower, Mt Taylor, New Mexico.. Violet's Great-Grandpa!

Enjoying the golden Aspen trees in the distance on Mt Taylor, New Mexico.. Violet's Great-Grandpa!

View of Mt Taylor from my grandparent's house, New Mexico...

La Ventana opening, Zuni Mountains, New Mexico.. Violet's Great-Grandpa!

Taken in my grandparent's cedar tree grove, New Mexico.. Sassy the dog :)

New Mexico.. Violet's Great-Aunt Laurie, Great-Grandma, Cousin Alyssa, and Cousin Analiese :)

Celebrating Violet's Great-Grandmother's 75th birthday in New Mexico :)

New Mexico.. Violet's adorable Great-Grandparents :)

Thanks to my awesome mom and Violet's one and only Gogi for taking such wonderful pics and capturing these sweet Violet Ribbon moments! :)

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