Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Our Violet!!!!!

We are over the moon to be announcing our Referral!!!!!!!!!

Yes it is true!!!!!!!
Unbelievably yes.. and wow.. and thank you, Jesus!! :)

Our sweet girl is 8 months old and perfectly beautiful!

Stu and I are over the moon in love and beyond thrilled and indescribably grateful for this miracle..

It is such a surreal moment to wait for so many years to see your child's face and then to finally see it and to know in that first instant, "Of course! This is my baby! I would recognize her anywhere!"
There are no words..

My sister even made a necklace for me with an inscription by Rumi that says, "From the beginning of my life, I have been looking for your face.."
No truer words have ever been spoken.

I have been waiting my entire life for this moment.

I am a mommy!
My heart is full :)

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