Monday, December 13, 2010

A Ribbon in the mail.. plus Christmas requests!

Well, a Violet Ribbon is on its way to south Texas today!!!
Its been a while since we mailed one out so it was such a happy surprise to receive the notice. Thank you, Delisa!
We're looking forward to seeing those photos of Violet's aunt, uncle, and cousins soon! :)


Please send us your holiday Ribbon pics!!
It has been so great to watch the journey of the Ribbon from this past fall! And to continue to watch all the way until we finally meet our little Violet... the months, holidays, and events that the Ribbon witnesses along the way will only make Violet's story more amazing, beautiful, and special!
So please take a photo of you and the Ribbon in the snow, with your Christmas tree, with your family ringing in the new year... whatever you can find the time or have a heart to do. We would love to see them all and are grateful for each one of them!

Once again, thank you for caring about and participating in The Violet Ribbon Project!!
It has already been more amazing than we imagined..

Merry Christmas and God bless you and your families..
And here's praying that 2011 will end with Violet in our arms!  :)

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