Monday, January 3, 2011

The journey so far..

This project has already been more amazing and heart-warming than we could have even imagined.. it has been a blessing to us as we wait and wait and wait..
wondering when our day will come.
We feel that each and every photo brings us just a little closer to our Violet.. and that is such an incredible gift and encouragement to us as we wait.. and wait..

Right now, our adoption agency is trying to keep all of their adopting families as informed as possible. They held conference calls with us and the Ethiopian Director for our agency several weeks ago.. and this week more calls are scheduled. I'm planning to call in for today's conference call at noon.
The present situation in Ethiopia is a little dire for adopting families. There has been a big slowing down in the past few months, basically since we mailed our dossier :(

Apparently several agencies, orphanages, and social workers have not been practicing in the best interest of the children. Agencies were promising birth families gold and other outrageous lies, children were/are being mistreated and abused at orphanages.. and who knows what else.
So they have slowed down the process to protect the children, understandably.
We have been told that our agency was not one of the unethical agencies but regardless, all adoptions are being slowed down in order for their government to have time for extensive, individual investigations of each child that has been matched, before they are legally adopted.
As our agency put it, it is important for our child and for our own peace of mind to know that our child was, indeed, in need of a family and adopted morally and ethically.
This, of course, is what any adoptive parent wants.. the extended wait, however, not so much :(
but it is what it is..

Another change is once we receive our referral and we wait for our "travel call".. what was until recently a standard 1 & 1/2 to 2 week heads-up will now be a 24-48 hour heads-up.
In other words, we won't be able to tell our jobs until the day before we're leaving for 10 days to Africa and our plane tickets are going to be a small fortune. Emergency airfare to the other side of the world?
Hmm.. what's another 2 or 3000 bucks when you're already up to 30 Grand? Just another hurdle, eh?

There has also been an immense slow-down in the number of "referrals" or matching of infants with families.. We had believed that this was our year, maybe a spring referral and home before Christmas?! But... we're learning most likely not.

If our agency discussion board is any indication of our future, we are in for a long year, most likely a referral late this year and our Violet home next year..
That is not at all as we expected but God knows and He's in control.

And truly this whole journey has not unfolded as we had planned. So why should it be different now, I guess?
This process has been an emotional, harrowing experience but the growth in ourselves, in our relationship, and in our Faith has been incredible. The life that God has planned for us is so much better than the one we have imagined for ourselves. So we just continue to believe and trust that our family will be complete when and how He needs it to be..
Boy, on some days though... that is really, really hard.. 

Today I'm full of hope and belief that it will happen and it will be amazing! :)
Tomorrow may be a minor, temporary pity party but that's ok too.. its all part of the journey!

Adoption most certainly is Not for the faint of heart!

As we continue to wait, save, trust, hope, and believe, The Violet Ribbon project becomes more and more important to us...
It is our ultrasound, our doctor's visits, our kicks, our baby bump.. it is our connection to her.

So on this glorious day in January, in this new year, I thought it was the perfect time to list the places The Violet Ribbon has seen in just 3 months!! Wow.. hard to believe it was only October that we began this project..
And we cannot wait to see the adventures, sights, and gorgeous faces The Ribbon is yet to see!!
Thanks to everyone who has participated!!  Love you all!!
Please keep those photos coming!!

With love and gratitude,
Summer & Stuart

New Mexico..
New York..
Hong Kong..

** ack! can't find my stupid cell phone and the conference call starts in 5 minutes! :-/   guess i'll try to do the one tomorrow...

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  1. Praying for you all, the program and the children! I'm am happy to check in and see that you are still moving forward, however slowly that may be! I'm not sure when the last time you stopped by my blog, but we had switched to the China program and we have a daughter we will be traveling for in late May/early June. Hang in there Summer.