Monday, July 25, 2011

Everything else..

Well I have decided to start a new addition to my blog..
its basically called everything else.
Yes, as hard as it is to believe, there are other things that take place in my head and in my daily life other than The Violet Ribbon (which I will, of course, continue with passionately!)

So other than adoption and waiting and sweet & fabulous Ribbons.. what else do I do?
Well, you know.. the normal dinner-thing and work-thing but hopefully I can sound somewhat interesting! ;)

So let's start with food.. always a favorite subject!

A new journey of mine has been becoming a vegetarian several months ago.
It sounds kind of dramatic but I saw the documentary, The Cove, this past spring and it changed me forever!

I had previously seen Food, Inc. and several others and though they were educational and horrifying in their own way, for some reason I was not truly affected until I saw The Cove.
(photo courtesy of flickr: bee happy123)

It was different to see these wild, beautiful creatures versus the typical farm animals we all view as "food". There is just a disconnect when it comes to our food and especially where it comes from.. I think in general we see cows and chickens and pigs as our dinner and that's it, pure and simple.
But I think that we have been given stewardship over all animals, it is our job to take care of them.. and to act as if we "own" them and have a right to treat them with such complete disrespect and ugliness is just wrong.

I haven't gone into Vegan-territory because I am eating eggs, cheese, a bit of dairy and the occasional sustainable fish (You must check out Paul Greenberg's book, Four Fish: The Future of the Last Wild Food)

I'm not condemning anyone that eats meat. My husband, Stuart, still eats it (although less often now) but we have chosen to only purchase meat from local, humane farms that treat their animals with kindness, dignity and respect and who use butchers with the same morals and values.
In a happy surprise, there is apparently a nice-sized movement of people with a similar mindset and thus there are more options for this way of eating than you would imagine! Kind of exciting actually :) Honestly, this has made eating more tasty, interesting, flavorful, colorful, fun, and healthy!

So I think you should all watch The Cove.. it is very educational, not gory and traumatic.

And I promise to share many veggie-loving, yummy recipes with you!

So this is my start to a switch from the adoption-only postings.. hopefully I can keep it interesting enough for you!!  ;)

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