Thursday, February 24, 2011

An absolutely incredible photo journey of Ethiopia!

This is well worth your time, I promise! Julie Mikos is a photographer/friend of one of my clients.. Julie accompanied another friend and her husband as they traveled to Ethiopia to pick up their children. They also took the time to journey into typically unseen areas of the country. You will be energized, moved, and blessed by this video..

PS Sorry I couldn't find a way of posting the actual video.. only the link.


  1. Oh Summer, I loved the picture video! Beautiful places and faces. I would love to visit Ethiopia!

  2. Hi Summer, just stopping in to see what the status is with you all and Ethiopia. So many rumors going around "the boards" regarding Ethiopia's slowdown, but some are saying families already in the process need not worry. Where do you all stand? I will be praying for you this week!! Stop by my blog because I posted photos of our little girl finally! Blessings, Annie