Monday, April 4, 2011

The road not taken..



  1. I will pray with you. Thank you for sharing a glimpse into your lives as you walked through this.

  2. We are in a position of trying to decide whether to adopt an 12 yr old girl who waits in China right now - we have a 6yr old already. Matters of the heart - adoption - heart tugging. I feel for you xxxx

  3. Oh Summer! I have been through this too! When our original Thailand program closed and we were in limbo, there was a 13 year old boy that I represent in the foster care system who was waiting to be adopted. I fell in love with him as if he were one of my sons. Jacob was on board too as were the kids. We began to pursue him in adoption and then his older sister got custody. I cried and cried for him as I knew his future would be very unsure.

    We also looked at a few special needs files after that, when originally that was not our first choice to go special needs. We finally found a perfect fit with our little XiHua. I know you will find you child very soon! God is working in your heart to have a heart for the lonely and abandoned like His. You will make a difference, I know it when you have His heart.

    Oh that reminds me! Go to my blog and scroll down to the bottom and watch the video I posted called, "Depraved Indifference". You have to watch it!

  4. I can not even tell you how this post has moved my heart... I never looked at the "Waiting Children" list... then in July of last year I happened to open it. I looked through... twins... both waiting... I broke! I called my husband... we prayed and prayed and called our SW. They had already been spoken for. But what put them on the waiting list in the first place has forever changed the path of our adoption and I am thankful for those two little peanuts who changed our lives and what we know will come! Praise God!