Wednesday, March 30, 2011

A life unimagined..

I have a request..
Please keep our family in your prayers for peace and clarity right now.

It is too early to speak details.. but something exciting, new, and unexpected has presented itself into our lives as of yesterday morning..
A fork in the road.
Stu and I are trusting and believing God to show us the way..  Oh He is definitely funny sometimes :) His ways are mysterious and a bit wacky.. but I believe that the life He has imagined for us is even bigger and better than the one we have dreamed for ourselves.

And He hears our prayers.. To quote myself from my post 3 days ago...
"Use my life, God.. whatever that means to You."



  1. I am excited to hear about this fork!! Keep us updated! Praying for wisdom and clarity for you all this week!