Tuesday, September 27, 2011


For the past year, we have believed that our DTE aka our Dossier To Ethiopia date was October 15, 2010..
Well because we had an email from our social worker stating that was our date. So that has been our focus and believing that was our "spot" on "the wait list" on our agency's online discussion forum was how we came to the conclusion that we were somewhere between #1 & #3 on the list to receive a Referral next.......

And that was when we last updated you.. with the belief that our day could be any moment, any hour, any day.. I spent an entire week with my phone in my pocket on vibrate, even during appointments at work, thinking it could be any second and I would have to make the exception to have my phone during a client's time just this one time.. 
Every hour I was excited, nervous, frantic, thrilled, anxious, in awe....  could this be the hour??

That was a week and a half ago..

Last Monday, when our social worker was back in her office and I spoke with her briefly, she agreed that our time was definitely soon.. she said that she had no information or emails from the country coordinator or corporate office regarding our case but she would email to see if there was any "pending information"..
I wasn't sure what that meant but I'll take any information I can get!
Later that day, she forwarded an email from the country coordinator that stated and I am quoting, that they "generally do not have updates on cases after they have been registered, authenticated, and translated.. (I have that we heard this was done on 11/15/2010)" 

In case you missed that, I'll retype it..
that was 11/15/2010..
So after emailing my social worker asking what the heck? Isn't our DTE 10/15/2010??
It turns out "no"..
There was some sort of " miscommunication" in last year's email and we are in fact not going to be at our referral time until probably after the first of the year  :(
 January, February 2012..

Trust me, I had my pity party last week and I'm still a little wonky about the disappointment but it is what it is.. and all of the boohoo-ing in the world isn't going to change our standing or our date.

So here we are..
Still waiting for Violet.. clearly she just isn't ready for us and vice versa perhaps..
We will get to her..
just not yet..

One cool thing to think about is that now we know for a fact that she and Stuart's mom were together at one time.. if we received our referral now, then they might possibly have never met but now we know that they at least had a moment together up there..
and that is so special to us and worth waiting just a few more months for :)

So anywho, that's where we are..

Please keep your Violet Ribbon pics coming!! They are an unbelievable encouragement and joy to us, especially in light of our continued wait..
We love and appreciate you all!

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