Monday, September 12, 2011

Waiting for the phone to ring...

Yep this is pretty much it~

Mondays have a whole new level of anticipation and anxiety now that we are so close to a referral!
The only day for referral news is Monday.. 
so this could be our day!! 
The morning is still young :)

Come on, email and phone.. putting vibes and prayers out to our social worker Sheryl in Nashville and international coordinators Sara and Kim in Michigan for a healthy referral soon!!! 

** Correction! I found out this afternoon that Mondays, in fact, are NOT the only day for referrals.. I now know of people from our agency that received their referral on a Wednesday and another on a Thursday! So since it is nearly 3pm on a Monday, that is good news indeed!!! :)

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  1. WHOA, come on phone!!!! :)
    So excited with you guys~