Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Handmade Black Baby Dolls

As the future parent of a black daughter, I have been searching for cute, non-commercial black baby dolls. Of course, I have read that it is quite important to have many ethnicities represented in her toys and dolls but we wanted to start the collection with a few cute black dolls since, sadly, its the most difficult type to find.. etsy.com has been a fantastic resource as always and I have several of my finds listed below.
So for any other adoptive parents and anyone else needing a few ideas for black baby dolls.. here are a few super-cutesies for you!  

Sophia in Polka Dots African American handmade cloth rag doll
Handmade African American Rag Doll
Goodbyebluemonday's Cara doll
Kora - hand knitted doll, traditionally inspired and unique - 12 inches tall
Boobiloo's Kora Handknit doll
Little People - Girl

Hasenpfeffer's Little People - Girl


We have a similar version to the first doll, Sophia.. it was a gift from my sweet sister, Dawanna :) That little cutie sits on our living room bookshelf at this very moment. We also have the 3rd doll, Cara, because Violet's nursery simply would not be complete without her! She is presently sitting snugly in Violet's crib, waiting for her to come home, just as we are..


  1. these are really cute. We're can you find them?