Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Muffins with Mom & Donuts with Dad

A client of mine is a preschool teacher in Nashville and recently told me about their super cute events called "Muffins with Mom" and "Donuts with Dad"..
The kiddos gave their mom a "pedicure" and "shaved" their dads' faces.. So hilarious.

For mom, it basically included a baby wipe, followed by a fruity lotion, and then polish. Can you imagine all of those 4 y/o's polishing toes? lol.
She said it was funny how you could see the parenting style of each mom by her reaction to the polishing.. some of the moms were so laid back and complimentary to their child even though they now had polish all over their feet. Other moms were very sort of controlling and overly "helpful", wanting to make sure their child did it "right" and some actually helped to the extent of doing the polish themselves while their child sat quietly and watched.
Kind of interesting..

"Donuts with Dad" usually goes much differently though, she said. The kids apply shaving cream to their dads' faces and proceed to "shave" them with a tongue-depressor. She said the dads are hilarious, eating it up because very rarely is your child inches from your face for that length of time. She said they are trying so hard to get all of that shaving cream off :)  and that the dads are so funny and interactive with the kids, saying stuff like- oh you missed a spot! pointing to where they clearly have a beard or goatee.. and even kissing their child's face, getting shaving cream all over them too, which their child loves, of course!

Anyway, I thought it was a good story and something worth sharing..
Not sure what kind of mom I will be but I hope to be more like the laid-back mom, looking down at my ankles covered in polish and telling my child what a great job they are doing :)
I mean, its just nail polish, right?

I think for a lot of women, we have a tendency to want things done correctly and its hard to break from that mind-set.. in many instances that is important but definitely not at the cost of us missing such sweet and special moments..
Anywho, that's the story! :)


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  1. Loved this commentary on different parenting styles! I'm totally the mom with a tupperware full of tadpoles and scummy pond water in the middle of my kitchen table. Kids are great b/c they get you to loosen up and HAVE FUN! Thanks for posting.