Monday, August 1, 2011

Bittersweet vanity..

Our house was built in 1928 and is super cute but super small as well.
Overall, this hasn't been much of an issue because it has really encouraged us to down-size, minimize, and really live more of a simplified life.
Its actually been a healthy and happy change :)

Two years ago, when we bought the house, we knew that storage was a premium.. holy moly is it a premium! Our bathroom has one small medicine cabinet and a tiny under sink cabinet that really just houses the plumbing.
Being in the beauty industry for the past 13+ years and also being a product junkie (what?! i can only simplify so much ;)  well, let's just say that my lotions and creams and powders and tonics needed a home and most certainly were not going to find it in that miniature bathroom medicine cabinet!

Enter my super-adorable, vintage style vanity that I personally and painstakingly transformed from a moss-green ugly duckling into this buttercream swan! :)

Ta-da!! :)  I'm so proud..
I have to say that Stuart has never been a fan of this vanity.. And if I'm being perfectly honest, I will admit that he actually loathes this vanity!
Seriously, when giving tours of the house, he will introduce the guest room as the room with the "hideous, piece of crap vanity"..
I have no idea why or what his issue is with what is clearly sheer fabulousness!!
I mean, obviously this is not a man's piece of furniture in style or in function but it keeps my crap from cluttering the bathroom, bedroom, hallway, etc.. and that's all that matters. Oh and the fact that its freaking adorable!!

Now without getting too personal and weepy, we've had a recent close death in our family. In the wake of this, we have inherited a lovely antique vanity that was also a family heirloom. It is art-deco style, dark wood with a round mirror, and tiger wood drawers.. totally and completely different from my sweet little buttercream piece. But beautiful in a different way.. sentimental of course but also equally fab. I mean, its deco, people! ;)
I'm in the process of attempting to refurbish it. It has been used and in the family for nearly 100 years and was most recently used as a computer desk. So my work is cut out for me..

I will post pics of it as soon as the old one is sold on Craigslist.. right now they're both shoved into our mini-guestroom.
So hopefully my sweet, buttercream vanity will find a new home soon.. and for Full-Price!! :)
Then our guestroom will be receiving a much less girlie makeover. Trust me, Stu is out of his mind with glee.. I still love it though, don't you??
You know you want to buy it :)

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