Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Our Number is moving again!!

I have been watching our agency's discussion board obsessively for any news at all.. the referrals have slowed down substantially over the past 8 weeks or so. 
We had been lingering somewhere around #4 but even after all of my lurking and cyberstalking ;) ..suddenly this morning, I looked at The List and I don't know if I missed the big, excited announcement post or what?! But!! There was a referral last week for a family with a DTE of Sept 24, 2010.. 
Our DTE is Oct 15, 2010... 
So we are moving on up!  :) That means......
We are big, fat, awesome number
By Toni F.
Woop woop~~
Holy moly, this may actually happen! 
We are mentally prepared to not receive a referral until closer to Christmas..  but this makes me think it could even be Thanksgiving.. Only God knows! But we are getting nearer to our Violet every day. And most certainly she is alive in Ethiopia at this moment, eating, breathing, sleeping, and waiting for us to come for her... 
I can't wait!

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