Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Violets in Bloom! Baby soon??

I'm probably really reaching here... but anything that encourages me at this point is unquestioningly welcome and good :) 

So after over 5 months of sad dormancy, my 3 violet plants, each purchased at different times (I basically just purchased another plant after the previous one stopped blooming), have suddenly and simultaneously bloomed! And the color is as vibrant and beautiful as can be!

Yesterday was our 10 month anniversary on the Ethiopia Wait List.. but it is our 32nd month of being in the adoption process.. so we're a bit spent and frazzled and ready for this baby!!

Right now through the end of September, the Ethiopian courts are closed but supposedly that is only for court and embassy dates.. maybe they will still be doing referrals?!? We're hoping so!!!!!!!!!!

We're still waiting for baby Violet..
but believing that these beautiful, sweet, little surprise blooms are God's way of saying, "Soon.."  :)

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